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Who we are

Founded in 2014, Soothsayer is a team of 120+ Data Scientists & Engineers that empower Fortune 1000 & Global 2000 companies to achieve success in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Beyond. Our mission is to build innovative Data Science solutions for the problems of today and to proactively seek solutions for the problems of tomorrow.

What we do

Soothsayer designs, develops, and deploys smart algorithms and all the connecting pieces to make them work. We also provide Data Science advisory, architecture, R&D, and training services to help our clients develop Centers of Excellence. We are true collaborators that work to ensure solutions are adopted and client teams are upskilled.

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Pattern Recognition

Unlock hidden connections and well-concealed insights in your data

Predictive Analytics

Accurately predict and identify actions to positively impact the future

AI Driven Optimization

Construct the best possible solution under a variety of constraints

NLP & Text Analytics

Extract insight from text data and put it into the context of your business


Analyze and interpret images & videos even better than a human expert

of Things

Harness systems, sensors, simulation, big data, & algorithms for Industry 4.0






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Education & Training

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Data Science Corporate Training
Corporate Training

Upskill your team to ensure the right combination of programming skills, math & stats knowledge, and storytelling ability.

Leadership Seminars
Leadership Seminars

Designed for senior leaders seeking a competitive edge and ability to guide organizations into the next frontier of Data Science.

Accelerated Certificate Course
Accelerated Certificate Course

Intensive, 1-week program to help practitioners become proficient in the most disruptive technologies developed in A.I.