Who We Are

Soothsayer Analytics builds smart algorithms and all the connecting pieces to make them work as a service. We also provide industry-leading Artificial Intelligence & Big Data advisory, architecture, and training engagements. Founded in 2014, Soothsayer has helped dozens of Fortune 1000 & Mid-Market companies achieve success.


What We Do

Soothsayer helps forward-thinking companies leverage Artificial Intelligence, so they can unearth the unknown, predict the future, and optimize their business. Our strength lies in our ability to build and productize custom algorithms and analytical tools. We are active in R&D and well-versed in disruptive innovations, such as Deep Learning, Meta-model-based Simulations, and Natural Language Processing. For companies looking to build Data Science Centers of Excellence, we also provide Corporate Mentorship & Training.

Why Choose Us

We are not limited by canned tools purporting to do “Analytics” but actually just querying your data. We are experienced working with data of all shapes, sizes, and complexity. Our Data Scientists all have advanced degrees, a heavy background in math & programming, and cross-industry experience. This multifarious assemblage of talent, and understanding of best practices, enables us to deliver world-class results in a wide-array of analytical arenas.

What to Expect When Working with Soothsayer Analytics

What to Expect

Real results. We do not just build an algorithm and leave you in the woods. We have expertise in all facets of Data Science and deep experience integrating our custom analytic solutions into business workflows. Rest assured that what we build will not end up sitting idle. Give us a chance, and we will be the best decision you ever made.

Industries We Serve




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