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The beauty of Artificial Intelligence is in its ability to consider a theoretically limitless number of factors and evolve automatically from data of any size, structure, or complexity. Since 2014, Soothsayer has helped many of the most notable organizations in the world leverage this self-learning & adaptive technology to drive intuition-crushing insights, powerful predictions, and more optimal outcomes. Traditional methods for analyzing data operate in a prebuilt structure of understanding – and often result in little more than a view of the past or simple estimates of the future. That may have previously sufficed, but the forward-thinkers of today recognize Artificial Intelligence as the biggest opportunity for creating competitive advantage.

Meet the team

Core Team
Ritu Agrawal


Gaurav Agrawal


Dr Dakshinamurthy Kolluru

Chief Scientist

Christopher Dole

Vice President of Business Development

Akshay Deshpande

Sr Director of Data Science

Shravan Adapa

Director of Data Science

Anuj Bhargava

Director of Data Science

Raghav Malik

HR Manager

Srikanth Bojja

HR Manager

Jeevan Sreerama

Sr Analytics Architect

Vinay Banda

Lead Data Scientist

Amit Parihar

Data Analytics Designer

Ved Prakash

Lead Application Developer


HR Lead

Dr. Anand Jayaraman
Dr. Anand Narasimhamurthy
Dr. Gnana Bharathy
Dr. Haritima Chauhan

Dr. Manoj Duse
Dr. Ravi Sankar
Dr. Sreerama Murthy
Dr. Srinivasa Varadharajan
Dr. Surya Kompalli
Dr. Thejus R Kartha
Dr. Venkat Sunkad
Ali Alkhatib
Amit Singhi
Andrew Tasker
Ashok Faujdar
Dr. Dong Li
Alan Demers
Jay Aho
John Willis
Dr. Lloyd Colegrove
Mark Goodmanson
Matt Pulliam
Ryan DeShazer
Sumit Fogla
Zain Khandwala

Our Mentors

Ritu Agrawal


BS, India

Gaurav Agrawal

CEO/Serial Entreprenuer

Double Masters, India

Murthy Kolluru

Chief Scientist

PhD, Carnegie Mellon

Christopher Dole

Vice President of Business Development

BS, The Ohio State University

Companies we have helped

Our Partners

Let our clients do the talking

Soothsayer has the rare capacity to bring together people from disparate backgrounds and to help them find the common ground that allows magic to happen. I have benefitted greatly from their ability to stay on a difficult problem and to drive teams of experts to the problem and opportunity formulation that allows for great collaboration. He and his team are patient, extremely responsive, and impressively eclectic in their skills and their thirst for data science. It is my great good fortune to work with Chris and the fine folks at Soothsayer Analytics.

Chief Data Scientist

Dun & Bradstreet

From day one, Soothsayer’s intellectual ability was obvious, but we have been most impressed with their uncanny ability to provide context to problems. Our client engagement has been a very positive experience in which Soothsayer has met and/or exceeded our expectations. We have subsequently started working with them on a few Data Science projects, and this has also been a positive experience. I would recommend them to any company looking for a strong intellectual Data Science partner.

Head of Data Science

Abercrombie & Fitch

Sometimes it’s the little things that make one partner stand out among the crowd. It’s been fun watching Soothsayer Analytics grow over the years. When I first met Christopher Dole, they were just a small startup among many in the data analytics and artificial intelligence space; now they are over 100+ people. But something drew me to them: possibly it was the sizable group of Ph.D. pioneers they’d assembled that crafted actual, and not just theoretical, solutions. Perhaps it was the customization of each of those solutions, and the willingness to adjust and be flexible, as my innovation roles have often demanded. But I think mostly it was the way they build relationships. I’ve never felt pressured to buy NOW, and it feels like they trust me. I really appreciate that; trust is so important in a partner relationship.

Sr. Architect, Innovation & Strategy

Grange Insurance

I had the good fortune to work with Chris and his team at Soothsayer while I was at Safelite. They helped us to address two very high-profile problems, part selection, and fraud detection. In both cases, they took the time to get an in-depth understanding of the business problem and then develop thoughtful, practical, AI/ML solutions that addressed the core issues. Given the opportunity, I would love to work with Chris and his team again!

VP, Marketing

Safelite AutoGlass

Soothsayer’s executive overview of the current state of deep learning, what it is, how it works, what can be done with it and where is it headed is excellent. I highly recommend this for anyone who is interested in Artificial Intelligence and understanding the implications for their business.

R&D Director

Fortune 1000 Manufacturer

Spent a fascinating day at an AI training class with Soothsayer Analytics. Professor Murthy Kolluru took us into a deep dive on how algorithms work and the immense power of these calculations. AI will change the world and how we interact with it. If you are not exploring AI, you should start now. At our company, we have been piloting robotic process automation, assisted decision making, and machine learning. Getting a deeper look into how the new technologies actually work and how they are able to achieve the results that they do is more tangible now and will allow me to be more confident in leading projects to roll out these capabilities.

Vice President

Fortune 1000 Automotive Parts Manufacturer

The session was my gateway into understanding more about the advancement of analytics and its relevance to our industry. The session was enlightening and brought plenty of practical examples to solidify the concepts being presented. Dr. Murthy did a great job of orienting the subject to the industries represented in the room. In addition, he was passionate about the subject. The session attracted industry leaders at varying levels of implementation maturity which further enriched the conversation


Fortune 1000 Manufacturer

If you are a business leader interested in better understanding AI and Deep Learning, I would recommend attending this session. After attending a session in Columbus, I now have a much clearer understanding of it's value to our business and have developed a road map to guide the business.


Advanced RPO

A worthwhile (productive, informational, and thought-provoking) working session for me a few months ago. I would recommend it to other leaders in BI and data science functions, as well as in IT, strategy, marketing, sales, finance, and operations.

Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Fortune 1000 Co.

I’ve attended training that they’ve put on in the past and it’s really top-notch stuff. You walk away with both a conceptual and mathematical understanding of data science techniques, as well as code examples for how to apply them in your work. Highly recommended.

Senior Analytics Leader


I would highly recommend this session based on my experience at the last session that was conducted in Cleveland. A very informative and actionable day spent on deep learning technology.


Fortune 1000 Insurance Co.

An amazing program that Dr. Murthy and the entire Soothsayer INSOFE team have developed. Truly groundbreaking in revolutionizing the way organizations approach traditional Data Science problems by leveraging the deep learning principles presented by this team.

Sr. Business Intelligence Manager

Ingram Content Group

Everyone is saying that artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics are the next frontiers in modern business. The Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Leadership Seminar provided set aside all the hype surrounding AI. The program began by summarizing the basics, in an easy to follow, understandable way and then quickly accelerated to an interactive discussion of how AI can be applied to solve business problems identified by the attendees. This seminar was one of the most interesting, productive, and informative that I have invested in for quite some time. Very worthwhile. Highly recommended. You won’t be disappointed.

Founder & Chief Strategist


Dr. Murthy's depth of knowledge, clarity of thought and ideas, and how relatable his examples were. His ability to convey information to the audience was outstanding; never arrogant - which can happen with data scientists at times. He was honest, humble, and insightful.

Innovation Consultant

Major Insurance Co.

Visionary, transformational yet practical; Dr. Murthy is the best teacher of deep learning I have encountered. Worth every minute of my time. He and Soothsayer Analytics inspired the data science team at Nationwide Children's Hospital to transform from good to great!

Chief Research Information Officer

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

I've been to many similar training seminars in my time and this is the first time it felt like I was hearing from someone with tangible experience. Typically these presentations are done from the PowerPoint without any real passion or knowledge but this was not the case yesterday. Dr. Murthy speaks from years of experience and with passion that helps fuel these AI/ML initiatives for companies that come to this seminar.

Automation Engineer

Major Business Technology Provider