October 20, 2021

Friday, August 9, 2019 — CEO of Soothsayer Analytics, Gaurav Agrawal, participated in a government affairs roundtable discussion lead by Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist. The Lt. Governor initiated a conversation about technology infrastructure in Michigan, specifically the challenges and opportunities for Michigan as it applies to the technical infrastructure necessary to fully participate in the Advance Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 future.
There was also a lengthy discussion about the lack of local talent in Michigan, or even in the United States, and the need to provide resources to students, i.e. the future workforce, and to emphasize the resources that are already available. The Lt. Governor supports two educational initiatives – a pathway for tuition-free education for students 25+ years old and a provision for two years of college for Michigan students with at least a B average.
All in all – a very illuminating Friday afternoon.


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