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Soothsayer has deep expertise in Data Science, cross-industry experience, and an understanding of best practices that enables us to solve problems at the cutting-edge in almost any commercial enterprise.

Manufacturing & Automotive

With Industry 4.0 technologies revolutionizing the processes of industries at different junctures, Soothsayer's expertise in utilizing key pieces...

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Supply Chain & Retail

Understanding the market trends, customer behavior, sales performance and many such factors are very crucial for retail industries to gain a...

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Insurers are awash with data from underwriters, customers, claims, and beyond. Many are dealing with antiquated systems and disconnected data...

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Higher availability and reliability are key factors for the utility industry considering their importance for day-to-day usage. Artificial intelligence enables...

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Any technology's true aim is to improve people's lives and, as such, healthcare is the most important thing that everyone considers. With diagnostics...

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