Cognitive Automation of Resume Assessment & Candidate Review for a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service Provider


The client provides recruitment process outsourcing services to help its companies streamline their talent acquisition and deliver top talent. It works closely to fill in hundreds of positions every year for a specific US government role with statutory requirements. The initial screening involves reviewing candidate resumes and cover letters to determine if they meet qualifying criteria in terms of experience and location, as well as if the candidate possesses the skills, clearances, and background that would make them especially suited for the position. This was a highly manual process requiring assessment of approximately 100K resumes every year and hence ripe for cognitive automation.

The client would like to automate the manual resume and cover letter review process. The solution for this problem includes automatically determining whether candidates meet qualifying criteria for the requirement using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing and then moving them further in the process. The final solution is productionized and integrated with client’s applicant tracking system.

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