Market Intelligence – Mining Emails and Finding Actual Customer Sentiment for a Large Manufacturing Firm


This manufacturing company has been a global equipment and process technology provider for the food industry and a wide range of other industries. They have an internal newsletter that is circulated, in the form of an email, to all employees on the goings-on in all the industry wide topics that have a direct or indirect impact on the short- and long-term financial health of the company. The client wanted to know if all the enormous corpus of text across these emails can be leveraged to extract meaningful and actionable information. The goal of this exercise is to showcase how the client can harness some of the power of big data and improve their information flow throughout the organization and gain new abilities for market intelligence.

This knowledge can be directly incorporated into R&D, sales efforts, and other advanced analytics initiatives. The ultimate goal is to help the client understand macro/micro level developments in the marketplace (at the consumer level) spanning all their verticals so that they can enhance decision making at all levels. This use case takes them well outside the confines of traditional data analytics and into the realm of Big Data

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