Custom A.I. Solutions

Soothsayer builds smart algorithms and all the connecting pieces to make them work. Over the last few years, our team has solved a plethora of complex business and engineering problems for dozens of the top companies in the world. Reach out to explore how we can help you.

Custom Artificial Intelligence Solutions
Pattern Recognition with Artificial Intelligence

Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition involves analyzing data with sophisticated algorithms to unlock hidden connections and well-concealed patterns that would be impossible to detect with the human eye or traditional methods.

Predictive Analytics

Traditional analysis only provides a view of the past or relies on simple statistics for estimates of the future. Artificial Intelligence enables much more accurate predictions and the ability to provide recommendations for positively impacting the future.

Predictive Analytics
Natural Language Processing Services

Text Analytics & NLP

This is not simple keyword mining – rather, it is the use of advanced Deep Learning & Natural Language Processing techniques that enable previously unthinkable insight to be garnered from any source of text.

Computer Vision

This is one of the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence, where machines can analyze and interpret images and videos.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions using Computer Vision
Optimization with Artificial Intelligence


Optimization is important when presented with limited options and a mandate to construct the best possible solution under a variety of constraints. The synthesis of algorithms and advanced math are revolutionary.

Unstructured Data

It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to tap into the potential of unstructured data. We are experienced with working on complex problems involving images, speech, and text. We customize solutions that use both syntactic and semantic analysis, and our delivery team has successfully executed several projects involving Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Mining, and Text Classification. We actively work with the latest and most sophisticated Machine Learning techniques to deliver these solutions. Our aim is to solve the unstructured data problems of the present and to continue exploring solutions for the unstructured data of the future.

Unstructured Data Solutions with Artificial Intelligence
Big Data and IoT Consulting

IOT & Big data

Soothsayer has a mature Big Data team that has architected and deployed large-scale Big Data ecosystems and applications for various organizations. Our expertise spans every aspect of Big Data including the underlying open source technologies and the leading platforms. Our unbiased perspective – and ability to both architect & build enterprise solutions – will dramatically hasten your Big Data time-to-value.