` Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare | Soothsayer Analytics

Any technology's true aim is to improve people's lives and, as such, healthcare is the most important thing that everyone considers. With diagnostics, lifestyle accessories, and more health data available, Artificial Intelligence can empower healthcare by finding hidden patterns and analyzing data in order to deliver predictive analytics that can help patients take preventive measures.

Soothsayer's solutions for the healthcare industry have enabled the analysis of enormous patient data to deliver key results at individual patient level

Soothsayer has helped dozens of Fortune 1000 & Midsize companies capture ROI via custom A.I. solutions

  • Scientifically Segment Patients & Physicians to Predict Optimal Patient Paths to Recovery
  • Optimize Physical Therapy Based on Data Collected from Rehabilitation Sensor Data
  • Identify Hidden Insights from Massive Amounts of Clinical Documents
  • Predict Clinical Trial Failures & Fraud
  • Predict Failure of Medical Devices
  • Segment Patients & Predict Adherence to Prescribed Medication