Data Science Consulting

Whether your organization is looking to capture low-hanging fruit, or endeavor into pioneering R&D, Soothsayer can help.  Our collaborative methodology, decades of experience, and world-class skills in Data Science enable us to build – or help you build – demonstrably valuable solutions to a universe of meaningful problems.


Data Science as a Service

Whether your organization is lacking internal expertise or facing bandwidth issues, Soothsayer can help you develop world-class Artificial Intelligence solutions that gain adoption and deliver results.

We are quite flexible, though engagements usually look like:

  1. Soothsayer architects & builds the A.I. solution, shields the required complexity, and helps with integration into your existing workflow.
  2. Our teams engage in joint development with Soothsayer providing dedicated resources and extensive knowledge transfer.

Soothsayer has a proven and efficient delivery methodology that addresses every aspect of project startup, requirements analysis, design & development, execution & testing, user acceptance, and production support.  Regardless of the model, our Data Scientists, Architects, Developers, and Big Data experts can fill missing competencies, prevent your project pipeline from being interrupted, and ensure that projects run smoothly.