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We will have to get used to the idea of a well-written program, created by non-domain experts, supplanting those perceived to have subject matter expertise. Hardware & cloud computing are cheaper, algorithms are increasingly powerful, open source libraries are more prevalent, and knowledge is becoming increasingly democratized. These factors are enabling unprecedented innovation in Data Science, where a small team of A-players can now surpass what previously required a huge team & budget. For organizations that want to develop an internal Center of Excellence, Soothsayer provides custom Leadership & Technical courses in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Data Science more broadly.

Corporate Training in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Designed for decision makers, our Corporate Training in Artificial Intelligence topics provides the how-to of identifying and framing business problems through the lens of Data Science.

Your team will learn to:

  • Identify & prioritize problems in terms of pain vs. gain, complexity, and resource/budget constraints.
  • Develop reasonable timelines & milestones to track performance
  • Identify risks & proactive mitigation strategies
  • How to holistically assess the success of Data Science projects.

Soothsayer regularly conducts advanced Data Science Technical Courses that enable corporate practitioners to methodically identify, break-down, and build solutions/models to solve any Data Science problem.  Each program is customized to your organizational objectives and can span:

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Techniques (e.g. Deep Learning, Evolutionary Algorithms, Computer Vision, and NLP)
  • Big Data & Data Lakes
  • Solution Architecture & Blueprint Design
  • Technical Implementation & Results Visualization
  • Data Science Project Management
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What Your Peers Have To Say:

CIO | Fortune 1000 Manufacturer
CIO | Fortune 1000 Insurance Co.
CRIO | America’s Largest Children’s Hospital
Head of Analytics | Fortune 1000 Retailer
VP, Insight & Analytics | $1B Oil Distributor
President | Large HR Consultancy
R&D Director | Fortune 1000 Manufacturer