Center of Excellence

If you are looking to develop a Data Science Center of Excellence, you need a partner who can consult, build solutions, and train your team at the same time.  Soothsayer can help with every facet of your strategy and train your team in bleeding-edge skills along the way.  Since multiple projects will be identified to complete each year, individual projects can be handled with the appropriate approaches allowing for completion of more projects than if you were handling the process on your own.

Typical engagements fall within one of the following models:

  • If problems have already been well-defined, Soothsayer can take existing documentation, interact with relevant personnel, put together Statements of Work, and build custom Data Science solutions.
  • Soothsayer can act in a Solution Architect role to understand the business problem & available data, determine technical & temporal limitations, and deliver a detailed approach document that can be leveraged for either solving internally or working with us.
  • Soothsayer can act in a strategic advisory role where your team develops solutions, and Soothsayer provides the thought leadership, mentorship, feasibility analysis, and technical blueprinting before and during development.
  • Soothsayer can provide both problem-specific workshops as well as leadership and technical training on how to solve specific types of problems and/or how to utilize advanced Data Science methods (e.g. Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Spectral Clustering, etc.).
  • Soothsayer Data Scientists become an extension of your existing team, report to you, and can be used where required.