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Our goal is the betterment of not only the environment but also its residents. Our core focus will be on the:

  • Environment
  • Education
  • Healthcare

Firstly our intent is to raise awareness of the environmental crisis that we as a species have brought upon Earth and how to counter it. We will start by giving presentations at schools and business offices with detailed information about recycling and our enormously high plastic usage. We will distribute a reusable multi-purpose bag, for free, at grocery stores, supermarket, schools, etc. During this time frame, we will also search for alternatives for carryout food packaging and then promote the solution among restaurants.

Next, we will move on to the public health care and hygiene crisis. There we will focus on daily health and clothing. We will run multiple clothing drives throughout the span of one year and will open the public eye to the number of people without these necessities and also to the dangers of improper hygiene.

Along with the other two, we promote the necessity of STEAM education by counseling elementary and middle school kids to have them understand career opportunities in STEAM. Also, we are partnered with “Kids Read Now” and will aid in providing learning opportunities for disadvantaged children.

Lastly, we will promote aiding native animal And plants rather than the more competitive invasive species, among the general population. This will be done by distributing hand-outs to pedestrians and also to people entering an environment related to building such as the local nature center.

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Kids Read Now

Kids Read Now is a non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate the k-3 summer reading slide, a phenomenon that causes young learners to lose two to three months of crucial reading skills each summer. Founded in 2010 by Leib Lure and his wife Barbara, Kids Read Now engages students, parents, and educators in a summer reading program that helps kids maintain or improve their reading skills over the summer break.

Combining breakthrough communication technology and the research backed principles of choices, challenges, and rewards, Kids Read Now has delivered over 160,000 new books to help nearly 27,000 K-3 students build a love of reading.

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