August 09, 2017

Columbus, Ohio, Wednesday August 9, 2017 – PRIME3SG, the technology division of PRIME AE Group has signed a partnership agreement with Soothsayer Analytics to provide clients the ability to harness Artificial Intelligence & Data Science.

“Recognizing that the future of all industries – whether Utilities, Healthcare, Insurance, or Automotive – is in the data being collected and analyzed, we are excited to partner with Soothsayer Analytics“, said Nanda Nair, Principal of PRIME3SG. “Soothsayer is on the cutting-edge of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science; coupling their expertise with our domain knowledge and technology will be a game-changing offering for our client-partners.”

PRIME AE Group is a leader in the Architectural, Engineering, and Technology fields. PRIME has been doing business across the U.S. since 1992.  PRIME’s technology division, named PRIME3SG, started in 1999 with a vision to help companies “go-digital”. PRIME3SG is also a prominent name in Enterprise Document Management, Geographic Information Systems, and Data Migration.

“We are excited to collaborate with PRIME3SG and in the complimentary skills that each team provides”, said Chris Dole, Co-Founder of Soothsayer Analytics. “The combination of PRIME3SG’s nationally acclaimed technology consulting practice and Soothsayer Analytics’ highly unique Data Science abilities will provide an unparalleled offering to companies looking to drive organizational change. Together, we will be able to solve meaningful problems and garner insight from previously untapped sources of data.”

About Soothsayer Analytics

Soothsayer Analytics helps companies leverage Data Science to explain the unknown, predict the future, and optimize their business. We build custom algorithms and analytics tools, engage in cutting-edge R&D, and design Analytics Centers of Excellence. Our Data Scientists come from diverse backgrounds such as Rocket Science, Nuclear Physics, and Systems Engineering – and our client base spans a wide array of industries. Whether you are newly endeavoring into analytics or looking to develop pioneering IP, Soothsayer can help.

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About Prime 3SG

Prime 3SG strongly believes that its success is directly attributable to providing high quality, customer-focused work that exceeds expectations.  We provide, meet, and champion every IT aspect and challenge of our public and private enterprise clients. Prime 3SG stands out as the firm of choice by providing quality, results-driven value-added services across various complex technology markets.

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