May 01, 2019

A few years ago, an evolution occurred in our ability to use non-numeric data almost as efficiently as the human brain. Artificial Intelligence-driven Computer Vision & Audio systems already rival human observation, and just months ago, that same kind of revolution occurred in Natural Language Processing with the launch of Google’s text system, “BERT”. It is already showing human-level or benchmark-breaking performance in nearly a dozen NLP tasks – e.g. Chat Bots, Language Translation, Text Classification, and Intent Detection – things we previously thought only a human could do. Major advancements have also occurred in the areas of Pattern Recognition, Predictive Analytics, and beyond.

Algorithms are increasingly sophisticated, and the types of data being included in models are becoming more inclusive and exhaustive. Innovations, such as Deep Learning, are rapidly disrupting our world and leading to regular breakthroughs across every industry. As such, it is vital for the modern organization to have a systematic approach to both building and implementing Data Science solutions. To address the knowledge gap – Case Western Reserve University, The International School of Engineering, and Soothsayer Analytics developed two exciting programs designed to help forward-thinking leaders and practitioners succeed in Data Science.

Our 1-Day Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Leadership Seminar provides the framework to move beyond traditional approaches and into the realm of true data-driven decision making. Participants will learn the foundations, garner insight into the cutting-edge, and gain the ability to both recognize opportunities and lead Data Science projects from start to finish.
• June 4 | Detroit, MI
• June 6 | Columbus, OH
• June 7 | Cleveland, OH

Our 5-Day Accelerated Course in Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence provides a highly applicable, hands-on learning experience involving Deep Learning and advanced forms of Artificial Intelligence. Participants will learn to apply Deep Neural Networks towards a variety of problems, think in terms of the entire Data Science pipeline, and how to ensure successful adoption.
• June 10-14 | Cleveland, OH

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