Other Industries

We have worked with a variety of industries, like Financial, Insurance, Non-profit, Education, Weather Forecasting, Mortgage, Hospitals, Food Chain, etc.

Artificial Intelligence-driven Scientific Segmentation (aka Clustering) allows you to form a much deeper understanding of your customers, products, and processes. Traditional approaches predefine what these groups look like and fit your data to that. With A.I. methods, Soothsayer can ‘regroup’ your data in a much more accurate way – so what you thought was complex, non-linear, and inseparable becomes nice, clean, and highly defined. Say, for instance, that you want to design an incentive plan for Brokers & Correspondent Lenders, and you need to determine what makes them good or bad.

    • You may assume that Age & Income are the most important attributes, but that will likely be based on heuristics and may not be accurate.
    • Spectral Clustering will automatically figure out that Age Squared and Income Cubed makes more sense as features
    • So, what you thought was complex, non-linear, and inseparable data, becomes nice, clean, and highly separable when viewed like this.

Case Studies

Click to download case studies that demonstrate the power of artificial intelligence and data science in an array of industries.
Investigating the Nature and Measuring the Degree of Presence of Confounding Characteristics of Text Data
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