Manufacturing & Automotive

With the drastic increase of data being collected from production, process, supply chain, and business systems, modern manufacturers are sitting atop a wealth of untapped opportunity.  Artificial Intelligence provides a mechanism to leapfrog traditional heuristics & simple statistics by learning automatically from data and identifying hidden connections that were previously impossible to detect.

Soothsayer has helped dozens of Fortune 1000 & Midsize companies capture ROI via custom A.I. solutions that:

  • Predict Failures of Equipment & Machines
  • Predict Key Performance Parameters to Optimize Quality, Production & Cost
  • Forecast Customer Demand & Supplier Delays Several Years Out
  • Optimize Inventory & Order Fulfillment at 1,000+ Locations
  • Utilize Internet of Things (IoT) Data for Various Purposes
  • Detect, Classify, and Predict Defects in Products (Computer Vision)
  • Identify Failures, Fraud, and Insight from Massive Amounts of Text

Case Studies

Click to download case studies that demonstrate the power of artificial intelligence and data science in the Automotive & Manufacturing industries.
Predicting Key Process Parameters Case Study
Understanding Internal Plant Processes’ Effect On Gas Emissions Using Data Analytics
Deep Learning Vision Based Quality Inspection for a Leading Appliance Manufacturer
Building a Big Data / IOT Environment
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Case study- Manufacturing - Big data implementation_Page_1
Data Analytics for Loss Reduction and Yield Optimization
Using Advanced Machine Learning for Reducing Costs and Time Associated with Simulations
Market Intelligence – Mining Emails and Finding Actual Customer Sentiment for a Large Manufacturing Firm
Large Provider of Comprehensive Automotive Testing Services (Crack Detection)
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SoothsayerAnalytics - Auto - Meta Modelling_Page_1
SoothsayerAnalytics - Manufacturing - Market Intelligence_Page_1
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