Tech Takeover: The Next Generation of AI-Driven Semantic Text Analytics

TechTakeover: The Next Generation of AI-Driven Semantic Text Analytics

Automation Alley, Troy, Michigan


How Semantic Natural Language Processing has Evolved to Understand Meaning & Why It Matters..

Text Analytics is already showing human-level or benchmark-breaking performance in various Natural Language Processing tasks – Chat Bots, Language Translation, Text Classification etc. – things we previously thought only a human could do. Whether in such forms as documents, emails, contracts etc, text has become a dominant contributor to the rise of Big Data.
In this talk, Soothsayer will describe how AI has evolved from basic syntactic methods to more semantic methods that better understand the meaning of language. Soothsayer will demystify Text Analytics & NLP, work through a progression of examples, and introduce possibilities for industry to garner a competitive advantage.

Why Attend?

Machine Learning on unstructured data including natural language text data will drive the future of businesses in terms of gaining competitive advantage. Soothsayer has a fundamental interest in democratizing Data Science and its varied applications and sessions like this can help inform and empower our community to compete with the best in the world.



Akshay Deshpande, Lead Data Scientist
Soothsayer Analytics
Akshay holds a Masters in Machine Learning from The Ohio State University. At Soothsayer, Akshay has been instrumental in designing solution architectures and leading delivery of AI solutions to solve a variety of business problems in verticals like Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Retail and Healthcare. He specializes in building solutions on unstructured data including text and image data sets. He worked in speech recognition and built multilingual pronunciation models that are now commonly found in products like smart speakers.


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June 12, 2019

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM EDT


Automation Alley
2675 Bellingham
Troy, MI  48083

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