SoothSight: Data Science in the Human Resource and Recruitment Process

SoothSight: Data Science in the Human Resource and Recruitment Process

Automation Alley, Troy, Michigan


Employees are the biggest asset any company has. In this SoothSight, Soothsayer will illustrate how A.I. can revolutionize the human resource and recruitment process so as to fully leverage this asset. The speaker will discuss a few applications of A.I. and the latest trends in this space. He will also delve into how a company can use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate the review of thousands of candidates and determine whether they meet the requirements for a particular job. The speaker will demonstrate this process with a case study of a recruitment agency wanting to automate their resume assessment and candidate review process. He will relay the techniques used, as well as how the solution was integrated into the client’s workflow.


Why Attend?:

This session will provide insight into how A.I. can benefit your organization. You will be exposed to use cases where organizations successfully implemented A.I. solutions by combining technical expertise, design thinking, sound strategy, and agile methodologies.


Target Audience:

Anyone wanting to learn more about how data science can be used for simplifying the recruitment process is welcome; no prior experience with data science is required.



Anuj Bhargava, Lead Data Scientist, Soothsayer Analytics

Anuj has 10 years of experience in Software Development and Advanced Analytics. He has extensive experience in building and operationalizing statistical and machine learning models, in leveraging multiple data sets from Enterprise Data Lake, and in delivering visualization and reporting suites for business executives. He has delivered data products for clients across the Retail, Manufacturing, Gaming, Education, IT, Insurance, Marketing and HR verticals. He holds a Masters in Analytics from Northwestern University and a Bachelors in Computer Science from the International Institute of Information Technology in Hyderabad, India.


About Soothsayer Analytics:

Soothsayer Analytics builds smart algorithms to explain the unknown, predict the future, and optimize outcomes. Consisting of a highly specialized Data Science team, Soothsayer has helped dozens of Fortune 1000 & Global 2000 companies succeed in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and the Internet of Things. With deep expertise, cross-industry experience, and a vast understanding of best practices in Data Science, Soothsayer also provides various strategic, architectural, and training services that enable forward-thinking partners to develop internal Centers of Excellence.


July 9, 2019

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM EDT


Automation Alley
2675 Bellingham
Troy, MI  48083

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$10 (contact us to join FREE, featuring breakfast)