Columbus & Cleveland – A.I. & Deep Learning Leadership Seminar

Leadership Seminar Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

A consortium of Case Western Reserve University, Soothsayer Analytics & INSOFE offer this unique program designed to help you establish a Data Science Center of Excellence.

This program is designed exclusively for executives and business leaders that seek a competitive edge for their organizations by leveraging the most powerful tools of Business Intelligence and Data Science.

After this seminar you will be able to lead your organization into the next frontier of design thinking, sound strategy and business intelligence. You will be able to learn from cases in which companies successfully implemented Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning solutions and identify the areas of growth and opportunity in your own organization.

Leadership Seminar in Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning
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Upcoming Seminars

November 14, 2019

Columbus, OH

DEC Training Center, 565 Metro Pl S., Dublin OH 43017


November 15, 2019

Cleveland, OH

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH



One Day

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Discounts available for CWRU alumni. Early bird, corporate & multiple registration discounts available.

Corporate and Group Discount:
3 or more attendees: $599 per person

To register for Corporate Discounts:
All the participants should be from the same company. All the participants will register themselves one at a time, selecting “pay by check” as a mode of payment. The group leader will contact us of their names at or call: (844) 44-SOOTH. We will send an invoice to the group leader or Administrator, that can be paid “online” or “by check.” Offers cannot be combined.

About the Seminar

Our 1-Day Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Leadership Seminar is designed to teach Decision Makers the frameworks, tools, and strategies required to ask the right questions, establish proper processes, scope projects, and build high-functioning Data Science teams. This is a domain-agnostic seminar designed to demystify the subject and provide strategic insight, so no technical background is required.

Leadership Seminar in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning


The goal of this seminar is to demystify the subject and provide strategic insight, so no technical background is required. This one-day program is designed exclusively for executives and business leaders and will provide a foundation for Data Science success.

You will be exposed to several use cases where organizations successfully implemented A.I. & Deep Learning solutions by combining technical expertise, design thinking, sound strategy, and agile methodologies. You will then harness what you learn to create an initial Data Science blueprint/roadmap for your organization.

Why Attend?

Attending this seminar will provide you the ability to methodically answer questions such as:

  • How will my organization benefit from A.I. & Deep Learning?
  • What new products, solutions, services, and processes can we create to revolutionize our business and performance?
  • How do I democratize these new technologies?
  • How do I build an internal center of excellence and/or properly vet and interact with external partners?
  • How do I minimize organizational friction and maximize utility while instituting these disruptive innovations?


Who Should Attend?

Senior executives with a P&L that want to harness A.I. & Deep Learning to gain a competitive advantage, predict the future, and revolutionize business processes. This is a domain-agnostic seminar that is ideal for leaders of any size company looking to disrupt the status quo.


At our seminar, you’ll

  • Learn what A.I. & Deep Learning can and cannot do for your organization.
  • Learn how to prepare your organization to effectively embrace A.I. & Deep Learning and drastically reduce the learning curve.
  • Learn how to apply design thinking, sound strategy, and agile methodologies to develop demonstrably valuable A.I. & Deep Learning solutions.
  • Network with peers from diverse industries and functions to formulate fresh ideas.


  • Deep Thinking: You will analyze A.I. & Deep Learning as a new and improved method for problem solving.
  • Deep Learning for Decision Makers: You will learn practical applications of A.I. & Deep Learning for things such as better understanding your customers, optimizing your supply chain, maximizing your workforce, and ascertaining hidden connections and insights within your organization. Break through the hype and learn how A.I. & Deep Learning can be of value to you!
  • Deep Strategy: You will learn a suite of frameworks and garner valuable insights to effectively design a step-by-step blueprint that enables your organization to effectively embrace A.I. & Deep Learning. You will also learn to minimize risks and maximize value.
  • Question & Answer

Mentor & Professor

Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru

PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Dr. Kolluru holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Carnegie Mellon, started his career as a Rocket Scientist, and founded the #2 Data Science certificate program (INSOFE) in the world. In addition to being a globally recognized Data Science academician, he has over 2 decades of experience in research, training and consulting for companies like Abercrombie, Dun & Bradstreet, Ford, Deloitte, HP, Philips, Honeywell, D E Shaw & Co., Broadridge Financials, Microsoft, Vistakon (a Johnson and Johnson company) & many more.

Our world-renowned faculty has built hundreds of A.I. & Deep Learning solutions and Data Science Centers for several of the world’s largest companies and leading startups. Such experience has greatly influenced this seminar and enabled us to condense years of learning into a manageable time commitment that will not distract from your ongoing initiatives.

Dr. Murthy Kolluru


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