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Advanced Certificate Program in Big Data Analytics and Optimization

After factoring job satisfaction, salary, and openings, Glassdoor ranked Data Science careers #1 (with a Job Score of 4.8/5) and determined the average salary of a Data Scientist to be $118,709. Moreover, McKinsey estimates that market demand for such talent will dramatically outpace the supply – leaving as many as 190,000 unfilled positions in 2018 (in the U.S. alone).

Big Data Analytics Certificate Program

Advanced Skills For The World Of Today & Tomorrow

Companies are scrambling to find those rare individuals with the ability to synthesize complex math, computer science, engineering, and creativity. Do a quick search of any job board, and you will see such positions posted (and re-posted) daily.

INSOFE – a globally-recognized Data Science institute established to cultivate quantitative and Machine Learning skills, in tandem with Soothsayer Analytics – a US-based Data Science & Artificial Intelligence firm, are jointly offering an innovative educational experience that synthesizes world-class education with real-world experience.

Starting this fall, qualified students will attend a collaborative 6-month program designed to teach advanced Artificial Intelligence and Big Data skills. You will learn from a diverse team of Mentors from top universities – such as Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, and Wharton – and intern with Data Science experts that consult for globally recognized corporations.

This is not just computing averages and drawing lines – you will work with bleeding edge advancements in Artificial Intelligence & Big Data and apply them towards solving real world problems. Deep Learning? Yep. Spectral Methods? Of Course. Spark & Hadoop? Those too.

Graduates of our program have a 90% job placement rate, report a 65% increase in average salary post completion of the program, and work at many of the world’s most innovative and respected companies.

In addition to developing skills that put you at the forefront of technology, you will benefit from an immersive cultural experience that only international exposure can provide. Our program has been optimized to enhance the experience of international students and ensure a seamless transition to India as you embark on your Data Science Journey.

Join us in September, and gain the expertise to flourish in an increasingly automated and AI-driven world!

Mentor & Professor

Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru

PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Dr. Kolluru holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Carnegie Mellon, started his career as a Rocket Scientist, and founded the #2 Data Science certificate program (INSOFE) in the world. In addition to being a globally recognized Data Science academician, he has over 2 decades of experience in research, training and consulting for companies like Abercrombie, Dun & Bradstreet, Ford, Deloitte, HP, Philips, Honeywell, D E Shaw & Co., Broadridge Financials, Microsoft, Vistakon (a Johnson and Johnson company) & many more.

Our world-renowned faculty has built hundreds of A.I. & Deep Learning solutions and Data Science Centers for several of the world’s largest companies and leading startups. Such experience has greatly influenced this seminar and enabled us to condense years of learning into a manageable time commitment that will not distract from your ongoing initiatives.

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