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AI/Machine Learning solutions are not just about accuracy but also reproducibility, maintainability, simplicity, and accounting for corner cases. It is vital to set up clean data sets, appropriate metrics, and feedback systems from human experts & market inputs. Whether your organization is lacking internal expertise or facing bandwidth issues, Soothsayer can help you develop world-class solutions that gain adoption and deliver results.

Soothsayer's collaborative solutions don't just end at demonstrating the value of the solution. Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics and other associated futuristic technologies, Soothsayer's highly proficient team helps your business build these solutions and optimize them for a high ROI.

As a business owner, it is a herculean task to manage your business performance without analyzing the data pertaining to your internal processes and the market. With data science solutions backing your business, most of the analysis is done and ready for you to make wise decisions that positively impact your business performance and growth.

Here's how Soothsayer's Data Science expertise can help your business :

  • Collect, organize and analyze business data covering all volumes, velocities and varieties in a scalable and secure manner.
  • Translate raw data into descriptive, predictive and prescriptive insights to help executives make better decisions and drive value.
  • Optimize & automate processes with innovative, data-driven solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence.
Data Science Consulting Services

Data driven solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence

Soothsayer has a proven & efficient Data Science delivery methodology that addresses every aspect of project startup, requirements analysis, design & development, execution & testing, user acceptance, and production support. Regardless of the model, our Data Scientists, Architects, Developers, SMEs, and Big Data experts can fill missing competencies, prevent your project pipeline from being interrupted, and ensure that projects run smoothly. Our collaborative methodology, decades of experience, and proven expertise in A.I. enable us to build – or help you build – demonstrably valuable solutions to a universe of meaningful problems.

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