Cloud Big Data Architect

Working Hours : Full Time

Experience : 8+ Years

Location : Off Shore

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Job Responsibilities

  • Solution Architect will help Soosthsayer with the architecture of new and existing applications using Cloud architecture patterns and processes
  • Works with Soosthsayer team to define, assemble and integrate components based on client's standards and business requirements (examples: hardware, software, availability, scalability, and reliability)
  • Supports the soothsayer team in the development of the technical design and documentation
  • Participate in proof of concepts and support the product solution evaluation processes
  • Provides architecture guidance and technical design leadership
Skills Required
  • Experience with AWS, Azure or GCP (Azure is must, GCP is not required)
  • Experience with Hadoop, HDFS, Spark(PySpark), SQL and NoSQL database
  • Experience with implementing Big Data Architecture
  • Understands infrastructure architecture, including servers, networking, firewalls, database, and middleware
  • Experience with designing high-availability, high-volume, low-latency technologies
Experience Required
  • Overall 8+ Years work Experience
  • 2+ Years of Experience working as Cloud Architect
  • Expertise in AWS/Azure/GCP, Hadoop, HDSF, Spark (PySpark) , and SQL
Education Required
  • MS/BS in CSE or IT
Education Preferred
  • AWS/Azure/GCP/Other Cloud Technologies Certification
  • Big Data Certification

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