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Soothsayer is synonymous with all things Data Science. We build custom, end-to-end A.I. Solutions that live and evolve with our clients. We are not limited to just building models and sharing code – our clients also turn to us for help with Data Engineering, Deployment, and Model Lifecycle Management in Production across major Cloud & On-Premise Infrastructures. Whether it be Patterns, Predictions, Optimization, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, or the latest Big Data & IOT technologies, we have an experienced team that can help your company.

custom ai solutions

Data Engineering

Ingest, store, and prepare big data (structured and unstructured) for easy access and Machine Learning on premise or on cloud.

Machine Learning Modeling

Enable applications to learn from the collected data and improve their performance over time without human intervention.

Machine Learning App Development

Build the face of the solution, a dashboard or a UI. A portal for end-users to leverage the AI.


Deploy and maintain AI solutions in production reliably and efficiently.

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Pattern Recognition

Unlock hidden connections and well-concealed insights in your data

Predictive Analytics

Accurately predict and identify actions to positively impact the future

AI Driven Optimization

Construct the best possible solution under a variety of constraints

NLP & Text Analytics

Extract insight from text data and put it into the context of your business


Analyze and interpret images & videos even better than a human expert

of Things

Harness systems, sensors, simulation, big data, & algorithms for Industry 4.0

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