It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to tap into the potential of unstructured data. We are experienced with working on complex problems involving images, speech, and text. We customize solutions that use both syntactic and semantic analysis, and our delivery team has successfully executed several projects involving Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Mining, and Text Classification. We actively work with the latest and most sophisticated Machine Learning techniques to deliver these solutions. Our aim is to solve the unstructured data problems of the present and to continue exploring solutions for the unstructured data of the future.

Case Studies

Click to download case studies that demonstrate the value of Soothsayer's Artificial Intelligence-drive solutions for Unstructured Data.
Unstructured Report Analysis for a Leading Pharmaceutical Company
Market Intelligence – Mining Emails and Finding Actual Customer Sentiment for a Large Manufacturing Firm
Building a Big Data / IOT Environment
Investigating the Nature and Measuring the Degree of Presence of Confounding Characteristics of Text Data
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Text Mining of Unstructured Customer & Technician Comments for Improved Emergency Response Capabilities
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