We help forward-thinking companies leverage Artificial Intelligence, so that they can unearth the unknown, optimize their business,
and predict the future.


  • Soothsayer helps companies get the most out of their data – BIG or small, Structured or Unstructured. We synthesize Design & Data Science with Artificial Intelligence to develop novel solutions to complex problems. This allows us to precisely predict your future and identify opportunities for optimizing outcomes.
  • Our strength lies in the ability to build and productize custom algorithms and analytical tools. We are active in R&D and well-versed in disruptive innovations, such as Deep Learning, Meta-model based Simulations, and Natural Language Processing. For companies looking to build internal Analytic Centers of excellence, we also provide Corporate Mentorship & Training.
  • All of our Data Scientists hold a PhD or Masters and have a heavy background in Mathematics and Programming. We are also mentored by several academic heavyweights and business leaders from a variety of domains. We leverage this knowledgebase to stay abreast of the latest innovations in Business and Data Science.
  • Contact us if you would like to explore how Soothsayer can transform your business.


In this two-hour session, renowned Data Scientist, Dr. Murthy Kolluru, will demystify Data Science and provide business leaders with a deeper understanding of the subject. The emphasis will be on the intuition, not the math, behind cutting edge algorithms and concepts like Machine Learning. We will also discuss the ROI of data driven decision making and highlight a few business problems that Data Science enabled us to solve.

Dr. Murthy holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Carnegie Mellon and started his career as a Rocket Scientist. He has architected and solved extremely complex problems in both business and engineering and is considered one of the top Data Science academicians in the world.

Columbus, OH Time Agenda
November 12, 2014
565 Metro Place South,
1st Floor Training Room,
Dublin, OH 43017
9:00 am to 9:15 am Sign up, snacks & Networking.
9:15 am to 10:00 am Models & Intuition
10:00 am to 10:15 am Break
10:15 am to 11:00 am Case Studies & ROI
11:00 am to 11:15 am Q&A
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There is no charge for this event, and parking is free. Refreshments will be served.
Detroit, MI Time Agenda
November 14, 2014
21000 West 10 Mile Rd.,
Management Blgd., Room M336,
Southfield, MI 48075
9:00 am to 9:15 am Sign up, snacks & Networking.
9:15 am to 10:00 am Models & Intuition
10:00 am to 10:15 am Break
10:15 am to 11:00 am Case Studies & ROI
11:00 am to 11:15 am Q&A
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There is no charge for this event, and parking is free. Refreshments will be served.



Gaurav is a dynamic entrepreneur and co-founder of Soothsayer. He holds Masters Degrees in Electronics and Technology and has spent over two decades in technology. Prior to Soothsayer, he founded two successful companies and oversaw the delivery of enterprise solutions to Fortune500 companies in the US, UK, Germany, and Asia-Pacific. Gaurav oversees human resources, operations and project delivery.


Chris is a co-founder of Soothsayer. He studied Political Science at The Ohio State University, but earned his stripes in business. He brought the Soothsayer team together and shepherds it’s strategic vision. Chris oversees marketing, partnerships, sales, and strategy.

Dr. Gnana Bharathy
Analytic Architect & Design Scientist

Dr. Gnana combines analytics and synthetics to diagnose organizational problems and design appropriate analytic approaches. Gnana has holds a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, where he still does research. He has 15+ years of commercial and research based analytics consulting experience. His primary work centers on complex system problems in business and society. This involves systems (design) thinking, analytics (modeling, simulation, and analysis), emphasizing human behavior, representing rich interconnections between parts, and employing both quantitative and qualitative knowledge elicitation techniques. He publishes regularly in reputed journals.


Akshay was the first Data Scientist at Soothsayer, and he is actively involved in problem assessment, solution design, and project execution. He holds a Bachelor’s in Control Systems and a Masters in Computer Science from The Ohio State University. Prior to joining Soothsayer, he was a Senior Consultant at IBM, where he successfully delivered on multiple advanced analytics projects. He is an expert in Machine Learning, especially in relation to Speech Recognition and the Rapid Development of Pronunciation Models for low resource languages. He enjoys tackling complex business problems and building world-class solutions for clients.


Gordon has over 15 years of experience in that No Man’s Land between IT and Business. He has been extracting intelligence out of swaths of data before Big Data was even coined. He has extensive experience in government, finance, healthcare, and marketing. This cross-industry experience helps him guide clients along the path of successfully harnessing Advanced Analytics.

Jarred Hudson
Data Scientist

Jarred holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona in Applied Mathematics and Physics, as well as a Master’s in Physics from The Ohio State University.  Prior to joining Soothsayer, he worked in multiple fields ranging from condensed matter physics to quantitative psychology in physics education.  This included developing models for electronic transport across molecular junctions to assessing the conceptual knowledge state of students in various levels of physics. He has a strong background in analytical thinking and coding, as well as the ability to apply these techniques across a wide spectrum of problems.

Director - Business Channels and Alliances

Connal Brown has 20+ years of experience providing telecom service and support to Government and Commercial customers. He has a deep background in business process analysis as well as a successful track record of managing large and complex government transition projects. Connal will assume responsibility for new business development and strategic alliances in the DC/MD/VA area.


Andrea is actively involved in relationship building, strategy, and corporate training. She studied Game Theory, Intelligence Analysis, and Political Science at The Ohio State University. She leverages this background to develop a deep understanding of client problems and offer actionable solutions.

Prashanth Vajjhala
Data Scientist

Prashanth is involved in Data Science consulting and business development for Soothsayer’s education initiative. He holds a Bachelor’s in Metallurgical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Analytics from Drexel University. Prior to joining Soothsayer, he worked as a Data Scientist on an analytics product development team. He also worked for the International School of Engineering. He has a strong background in Data Mining, Optimization, and Machine Learning.



    Dr. Murthy is a former Rocket Scientist and the President of the International School of Engineering, which was recently named the 3rd best Data Science program in the world (www.CIO.com).


    Dr. Boorn has spent the bulk of his career on Urban Planning, Sustainability, and issues that arise from an urbanized environment. We work together to solve problems related to the vast and disconnected dimensions of urban places.


    Dr. Li is trained in science and educated in management. He has multiple degrees (including an MBA) and certifications. He is the former Head of Predictive Analytics at Alliance Data, and he advises us on analytics projects related to retail.


    David was most recently the VP of Analytics at Battelle, after years with Bell Labs applying research in data management and analysis. He advises us on projects related to Telecommunications.


    Ryan is an industry thought leader and frequent speaker at major conferences. He is currently an EVP at one of the largest healthcare marketing agencies in the world, and he advises us on projects related to Marketing Analytics.


    Paul is a Professor at the University of Cincinnati, a Statistician, a veteran Sports Journalist, and the founder of PredictionMachine. We are working together to develop a best in class analytical solution for the NFL.


    Zain was an analytical leader at JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo. He is now the Founding Executive Director of Bellarmine University’s MS in Data Science. He advices us on analytical innovation in Banking.


    Matthew is an experienced engineer and human resources executive. He advises us on opportunities for leveraging data analysis to drive practical and profitable human capital decisions.


    Jim is a seasoned Attorney, Journalist, Realtor, and Tech enthusiast. He advises us on the intricacies of projects involving law and real estate.

  • Christopher Farrar

    With experience in virtually all levels and phases of management, Dr. Farrar has spent the last two decades developing and marketing advanced technology solutions for the hospitality industry. For the past several years his focus has been on helping to develop the potential of analytics to solve critical business problems in the hotel industry. He advises us on the intersection of business needs and analytics technologies in the industry.





We are not limited by canned tools purporting to do “Analytics” but really just querying your data. We are experienced working with data of all shapes, sizes, and complexity. Every solution is architected by a PhD, and we leverage our team of Mentors on problems that require specific domain knowledge.

For companies looking to develop a new product or to improve upon an existing one, we can help. We are currently exploring multiple product development partnerships and plan on developing state-of-the-art Data Science solutions and Intellectual Property for a variety of domains.

Our corporate training programs are led by world-class PhD’s from schools like Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and Wharton. Each program is custom and has the option of producing a deliverable at the end. We can deliver on a project while training your team to solve problems in the future. We offer both executive and hands-on training programs.



Traditional algorithms fail to reveal well concealed patterns in complex, high dimensional, and unstructured data. For this kind of data, methods like decision trees tend to extract patterns that are obvious, meaning patterns with 70% or more support. This results in very few eye openers.

We utilize advanced Machine Learning techniques to search through data and extract Hidden Insights and Micro-patterns that most off-the-shelf methods miss. Instead of just drawing lines down the middle and computing averages, we identify all data points and their surrounding area, and extract actionable and intuition crushing insights.

When needed, we can extract actionable If-Then patterns from otherwise seemingly black-box results. This means you can achieve the accuracy of the complex models, without sacrificing the explicability of traditional methods.

Unstructured dATA


It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to tap into the potential of unstructured data. We are experienced with working on complex problems involving images, speech, and text.

We customize solutions that use both syntactic and semantic analysis, and our delivery team has successfully executed several projects involving Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Mining, and Text Classification.

We actively work with the latest and most sophisticated Machine Learning techniques to deliver these solutions. Our aim is to solve the unstructured data problems of the present and to continue exploring solutions for the unstructured data of the future.


design-skills Advanced Certificate Program in BIG DATA ANALYTICS and OPTIMIZATION

After factoring job satisfaction, salary, and openings, Glassdoor ranked Data Science careers #1 (with a Job Score of 4.8/5) and determined the average salary of a Data Scientist to be $118,709. Moreover, McKinsey estimates that market demand for such talent will dramatically outpace the supply – leaving as many as 190,000 unfilled positions in 2018 (in the U.S. alone).

design-skills Advanced Skills for the World of Today & Tomorrow

Companies are scrambling to find those rare individuals with the ability to synthesize complex math, computer science, engineering, and creativity. Do a quick search of any job board, and you will see such positions posted (and re-posted) daily.

INSOFE – a globally-recognized Data Science institute established to cultivate quantitative and Machine Learning skills, in tandem with Soothsayer Analytics – a US-based Data Science & Artificial Intelligence firm, are jointly offering an innovative educational experience that synthesizes world-class education with real-world experience.

Starting this fall, qualified students will attend a collaborative 6-month program designed to teach advanced Artificial Intelligence and Big Data skills. You will learn from a diverse team of Mentors from top universities – such as Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, and Wharton – and intern with Data Science experts that consult for globally recognized corporations.

This is not just computing averages and drawing lines – you will work with bleeding edge advancements in Artificial Intelligence & Big Data and apply them towards solving real world problems. Deep Learning? Yep. Spectral Methods? Of Course. Spark & Hadoop? Those too.

Graduates of our program have a 90% job placement rate, report a 65% increase in average salary post completion of the program, and work at many of the world’s most innovative and respected companies.

In addition to developing skills that put you at the forefront of technology, you will benefit from an immersive cultural experience that only international exposure can provide. Our program has been optimized to enhance the experience of international students and ensure a seamless transition to India as you embark on your Data Science Journey.

Join us in September, and gain the expertise to flourish in an increasingly automated and AI-driven world!

design-skills INSOFE’s Certification in Big Data Analytics & Optimization has been listed #3 by CIO.com for Big Data Certifications that will Pay Off (right in between Stanford & Columbia)

16 big data certifications that will pay off

Our 6-month Data Science program will provide you with industry leading skills in arguably the most in-demand field. Our intensely research-driven and innovative instruction takes place in a collaborative environment that emphasizes personal interaction with faculty and peers, real world experience, and the ability to work with cutting-edge technology. You will also interact with industry leaders and participate in novel research through Soothsayer’s specialized internship program

INSOFE professors dedicate their time towards providing both formidable classroom instruction and working on problems for a wide-array of industries. This ensures our graduates leave with a forward-thinking mindset and the skills most sought after by employers.


Develop Novel Skills in Artificial Intelligence & Big Data via Applied Learning


Given the average salary for a Data Scientist in the U.S. is nearly $120k, and that there exists a notable shortage of such talent, there is no better time to get started.Seats are Limited, so Apply Today!

Application Fee: $50


Graduates of the program can be expected to effectively and competitively respond to the growing demand for Data Scientists. Our rigorous program will prepare you to succeed in specialized jobs by honing your skills in Artificial Intelligence & Big Data. You will build intelligent systems, learn advanced methods and technologies, and garner the ability to translate science into stories.Bright professionals looking for a career transition, promotion, higher IQ, or just a catalyst for increased earning potential will love our program! In just 6 months, you will gain the critical skills and experience to become a genuine Data Scientistaka the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”.
6 Months Our program schedule encompasses knowledge-filled classroom and hands-on sessions, which include 8 hours of lectures and 8 hours of guided lab sessions (per week). The program is intensive, so students will need to dedicate 30-35 hours per week to work on assignments. In addition, students will take 32 tests during the program to satisfy the credits required for successful graduation.
Foundations of Probability and Statistics for Data Science Descriptive statistics: central measures, measures of spread, exploring data using simple charts, identifying outliers | Probability distributions, Bayes theorem, central limit theorem | Sampling distributions: student-t, F, z, Chi-square | Hypothesis testing
Essential Engineering Skills in Big Data Analytics Using R and Python Introduction to R and Python | Data pre-processing: type conversions, data transformations | Advanced utilities in R and Python
Statistics and Probability in Decision Modeling Covariance – Correlation | Linear Regression: simple, multiple, StepAIC, multicollinearity check, diagnostics and validations| Logistic Regression | Time Series Analysis | Naïve Bayes classifier| Feature selection: regularization methods | Feature reduction: PCA
The Art and Science of Storytelling with Data Visualizations Communicating with data | Aesthetics of chart | Create a Story for every chart | Tools: R Deducer and Tableau
Methods and Algorithms in Machine Learning Association Rules: Prism rules, Apriori and FP tree algorithms | Decision Trees: C50, Rpart, Boosting | SVM: background maths, various kernels, kernel tricks | kNN & Collaborative Filtering |Ensemble Methods: Random forest, Gradient Boosting Machines, Adaboost | Clustering methods: distance metrics, hierarchical, K-means
Foundations of Text Mining and Search Vector Space Models | Text data pre-processing and TF-IDF | Matrix factorization: SVD | Search engines and Page Ranking algorithms
AI and Decision Sciences Artificial Neural Networks | Deep learning: auto encoders, deep architectures | Convolution Neural Networks and Recurrent Neural Networks: LSTM | Sentiment analysis, Text classification | Linear Programming | Evolutionary search methods: Genetic algorithm, Monte Carlo Simulation | Planning, Thinking and Architect a Data Science Solution
Engineering Big Data with Hadoop and Spark Ecosystem Data center as a computer | Hadoop VM, GFS, HDFS and Capacity planning | Data ingestion: Chukwa, Flume, Avro | NoSQL: Big Table, HBase, Document stores, Graph stores, Key-Value stores | Processing frameworks on clusters: Map reduce, Yarn, MR2, R-Hadoop, Hadoop Streaming with Python, BSP, Spark | Spark processing | MR versus BSP | SQL on Hadoop | PIG programming, Oozie, Zookeeper and Mahout
Building End-to-End Data Science Applications Provide business case scenarios | Architecting the solution approach and articulating | choosing the right tool set, situational based analysis, identify and feasibility testing of relevant programming techniques | solve the business case end-to-end applying all the Machine learning tools and techniques
Communication, Ethical and IP Challenges for Analytics Professionals (Video access) Importance of communication | Seeing the big picture and communicating effectively | Framework for effective presentations | legal and ethical issues and challenges |The Ethics Check questions

Undergraduate degree (or above) in a quantitative field of study. Ideal applicants should be strong in math/stats and have had exposure to some form of programming.

6-Month Advanced Certificate Program in Big Data Analytics & OptimizationApplication Fee: $50

Fee: $14,990


$3500 – $8500 Minimum scholarship of $3,500 is guaranteed for all students accepted into the program + up to $5,000 in added scholarships will be provided based on course performance.

Additional benefits:

$3000 Top students will be offered career opportunities through Soothsayer or an industry partner/client. If this is accepted by the student, an additional $3,000 bonus will be awarded following 3 months on the job.


$250/ Referral Refer a candidate for this program, and if they enroll, you will be paid $250. Referral fees will be paid after each referred candidate registers for the program and pays their 1st installment. No cap on referrals.

Fee structure: $11,490 ($14,990 – $3500)

  1. Option 1: Fees Paid in 3 Easy Installments
    1. 50% as 1st installment $5,745 at the time of registration
    2. 25% as 2nd installment $ 2,872.50 following your first month of courses
    3. 25% as 3rd installment $ 2,872.50  following your second month of courses
  2. Option 2: One Time Payment
    1. a. If you pay everything up front, an additional 5% discount will be applied, meaning you will now only pay $10,915.50.
  1. Fees Cover:
    1. Tuition
    2. Books & Materials
    3. Two-way Airfare (from Detroit, MI or Columbus, OH to Hyderabad, India and back)
    4. Executive Accommodations with A/C and Wi-Fi (on a twin sharing basis)
    5. Lunch and Dinner Every Day
    6. Cultural immersion experiences (site seeing) and multiple activities
    7. Health & Life Insurance
    8. Travel to and from Institute
  2. Top graduates will also receive the opportunity to interview with Soothsayer Analytics, which builds Artificial Intelligence-driven business solutions and consults for several of the most respected companies in the U.S.

*Lunch and dinner will consist of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Indian food.

“Given the average salary for a Data Scientist in the U.S. is nearly $120k, and that there exists a notable shortage of such talent, there is no better time to get started.
Seats are Limited, so Apply Today!

Soothsayer Analytics, a U.S. corporation with offices in Ohio and Michigan, in collaboration with INSOFE, is offering full-fledged career support for qualified students in the U.S. This partnership will provide students with placement guidance upon graduation from our joint 6-month Data Science program.Soothsayer engages with a wide-array of Fortune1000 companies and innovative start-ups and actively work in the areas of Pattern Recognition, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics, Optimization, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision.

In addition to building data-driven business solutions and IP, Soothsayer also offers full-fledged career support designed exclusively for graduates of INSOFE’s program. This includes placement guidance when you return to America as well as the potential to be hired for various internal or external Data Science projects and R&D initiatives. As the program commences, Soothsayer will simultaneously seek to identify pertinent opportunities throughout the U.S.

Our program will also provide career services through customized training programs designed specifically for cultivating in-demand skillsets. At each phase of the program, students will undergo technical and professional hands-on training to match them to real-world industry needs.

Four months into the program, American students will have the opportunity to intern with Soothsayer and work on real-world problems for some of the world’s finest organizations (for a period of 2 months). Based on performance and fit, top graduates will also be given the opportunity to interview with Soothsayer, or their partners/clients for internal or external opportunities.


Soothsayer supports the following organizations as a part of its philanthropy efforts.

Kids Read Now is a non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate the K-3 summer reading slide, a phenomenon that causes young learners to lose two to three months of crucial reading skills each summer.  Founded in 2010 by Leib Lurie and his wife Barbara, Kids Read Now engages students, parents, and educators in a summer reading program that helps kids maintain or improve their reading skills over the summer break.  Combining breakthrough communication technology and the research-backed principles of choices, challenges, and rewards, Kids Read Now has delivered over 160,000 new books to help nearly 27,000 K-3 students build a love of reading.